RANKCUMULATE function not working with a negative number


I have a RANKCUMULATE function that is working fine but when a negative number is referenced it ignores it rather than subtracting it from the running total. I am hoping someone has run into this before and has a solution for me.



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  • Misbah
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    I would look for Ranks 67 and 68 and see what values are sitting on these ranks. Since 68 is visible which is at the bottom of your screenshot the value is exactly 326,894. If you look at the order and try to add as per ranks in an ascending order you will realize that the RANKCUMULATE is working fine


    Rank 66  326,894  Overall 601,179

    Rank 67  N/A         Overall 601,179

    Rank 68  326,894  Overall 928,073

    Rank 69  -326,894 Overal 601,179


    Now if you are comparing rank 66 with 69 you will see that there is no difference when in reality rank 67 and rank 68 also needs to be added before you come to rank 69. Hence you see same numbers on these two ranks

    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix