Splitting out a text field using a delimiter


Hi Everyone.


Just wondering if anyone had managed to find a way to split a text field out to show all characters to the left or right of a delimiter, rather than a specific number of characters. (Similar to the way it works in a Text to columns formula)


We have had a change in our HR system, and for our Egypt staff their names come through with their name in Arabic in brackets after their name in English characters.

When it is loaded into Anaplan the Arabic converts to being (??? ???)


I am trying to work out whether we are better to use a text to columns formula on the data file before we load to make the name from Joe Bloggs (Arabic) to just Joe Bloggs using the Brackets as the delimiter, or whether it can be loaded into Anaplan as it is in the base data and can be 'prepared' in Anaplan to just bring the English Characters through as the name.


Does anyone have any tips which may help with this?




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  • Misbah
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    You could do that in Anaplan as well. See if this helps





    Miz Logix


  • Try importing in UTF-8 format as well, should be able to see the Arabic characters - in case you want to retain them...
  • Thank you, That's really helpful. Exactly what I needed.


  • Thank you. That's really helpful. I'll have a look at that option as well.


  • It worked for me thanks.