Level 1, 9.2.5 Activity: Dimension Error




I'm working on Level 1 Model Building (9.2.5: Add Formulas to Price Growth Rates Staging Module).  When I try to enter the LOOKUP formula for the line item 'Unit Price %' in REV05, I get the error:


"Dimension of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the result" 


I verified that in REV05 the "Applies To" is using G3 Locations, P2 Products and that the Format is for Percentage.


I got the LOOKUP formula to work for Unit Cost %, which, I assume, means that REV05 was setup correctly.  But the LOOKUP formula for Unit Price % is the only line item that's getting the error.






Thank you for helping.



  • Hello, 


    The problem with Unit Price% line item is that it is in the subsidiary view which means try check the time scale and time range in blue print view it has to be 


    Time Scale : Year 

    Time Range: Model Calendar 


    Attached the screenshot of the solution to your problem for reference, 

    Hope this resolves your Problem 


    Thank you.


    Screenshot (27).pngScreenshot (28).png

  • Thank you very much for your help. 

    I originally had Time Scale set to Year and Time Range set to Model Calendar


    After inserting "G3 Location, P2 Products" to Applies To for Unit Price %, I was able to insert the formula and have numbers flow through correctly.  (Please see attached screenshot)




    Hopefully, this is a correct fix and will not cause any problems later on.


    Thank you again


  • That's a correct fix it will not cause a problem as the applies to is matched with Unit price and the module. 


    Great keep going!!


    Happy Learning 🙂

  • Thank you much.