Level 2 - Sprint 3 -


Let me know, if what I did is right or not


Create a Filter 

You will need to create two Boolean-formatted line items in the SYS01 Time Settings by Week systems module:

  • Line Item Name: First Week of Timescale? 
    • Use this Boolean-formatted line item to select the first week of the timescale. 
    • End users can manually select the first week in FY20.
  • Line Item Name: NOT First Week of Timescale? 
    • The formula for this line item should be NOT First Week of Timescale? (referencing other line item above).




  • @Yogitha 


    By looking at the description I think that you are right but if you want to code it you can also use


    OFFSET(1,-1,0) = 0 like the way I mentioned it in your previous post




    Miz Logix

  • Yeah exactly, as per the activity description  no need of any formula for the first line item right. 

    So, can I keep it blank?

  • @Yogitha 


    Follow the instructions, if they say no formula then no formula but that first box needs to be checked. You can manually check that box as of now but if you need the formula you know what the formula should look like.



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  • What should be checked?


    2022-10-13 (1).png

  • @Yogitha 


    First week of timescale i.e, Week 1 FY20 only