PlanIQ [FCAST-0600: Error: You have exceeded your monthly forecast quota] meaning


Hi everyone,


I'm starting to test PlanIQ and got the following error : FCAST-0600: Error: You have exceeded your monthly forecast quota


I searched around but wasn't able to find any explanation of this error

Doest anyone know what is my monthly Forecast quota ?

Is it related to my PlanIQ Forecast model ? (I took 2 years of monthly datas)


Thanks for helping




  • @Matthieu.M 


    This might sound dumb but I think Anaplan charges their clients based on the number of times PLAN IQ forecast action is put to use. You might have exhausted your limits.


    Since I have not seen that kind of error before, I would guess it might be some sort of that behavior. I might be completely wrong here but just wanted to put it out here



    Miz Logix

  • Thanks for your answer Misbah, I'll explore this way
    As partner I didn't wan't to think it's limited in that way.. but it seems logic