NUX - Text Card - Use Hyperlink Line Items as Dynamic Text Values


We are trying to put together a landing page where the user can see basic information about the purpose of the tool + and can have supporting links.


With the new edits to the text cards, it is really nice to put together such page. I was trying to use dynamic text value functionality to use the text-hyperlink formatted line items as part of the body of the text so that the hyperlink is part of the text (similar to how it would be in an email). However the link does not work from the UX.


I think it would be a great addition to allow hyperlinks in text cards either as a text card functionality or make it compatible with the hyperlink line items.



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  • Upvoting this!! The dynamic text functionality was a great add but this seems to be a slight gap in the expected behavior. If line item is formatted as a Link then you would expect it to operate as a hyperlink when the data is inserted in the the text box.

    I'd actually love if we could add hyperlinks directly within the text box without the need to create a line item. This would help us to empower page builders to own instructions and ancillary collateral without the need for structural model changes.

  • Also adding a note in support of the original post and Tiffany's comment. Allowing hyperlinks within text boxes simplifies the user design and experience of the end user. Hopefully this functionality can be added soon!

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