Lesson 9.2.5


Hi all, 

I am trying to input the formula in unit price % in rev05. I am getting the error "Dimension of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the result". 


However, when I input the formula in unit cost % in rev05 it works just fine.


I have went back to look at SYS04 and SYS06 formats/formulas and haven't noticed anything wrong there.


Please help!


  • @apalafox ,

    First understand, you are bringing formula from REV04 unit price to REV05.

    So, In REV04 we have dimensions as G2 country and P1 product family And In REV05 we have dimension as G3 location and P2 products.

    While bringing the formula we're doing lookup with system module because of dimension mismatch so we are having parent hierarchy details in SYS module.

    As per that, then below formula will work perfectly. 

    'REV04 Price Growth Rates'.Unit Price %[LOOKUP: 'SYS04 Location Details'.country, LOOKUP: 'SYS06 Product Details'.Product Family] 

    If still you're facing any issues, Please share with screenshot.


    Hope it helps you.




    Jagadish Dash

  • @jagadishdash,


    Thank you for the quick reply.


    When I input that formula into unit price % in rev05 I still am getting the below error. 





  • @apalafox 

    As I can see your snap, you applied subsidiary view to that unit price line item. So first delete that line item and and create again that line item and the formula into new one ans see it'll work. 


    Hope it helpful for you. Any clarification and issues let me know. 




    Jagadish Dash. 

  • I ended up just adding a "-" to get the subsidiary view removed. But thank you so much for the help!