Export action not working..


HI All,


I have a module there i have saved view for export. when i exporting in module its showing correct data. when i create the action button and run and see the results its diffrerent . please expain the issue.how to rectify it.


  • You might need to edit your filter for your view, depending on what you want. As of now, your filter is filtering based on non-employee expense input:1. 

    Assuming that you want to see all the data for Open Input: Cost Center Filter line item, you would need to create a new view by doing the following: 

    1. Click on Open Input: Cost Center Filter line item

    2. Click on Filter

    3. Select equal to (checkmark icon)

    4. Click ok

    5. Save view with a new name you will remember

    6. Try to export again to see if the data exported is the data you want. 


  • @143kishornaidu 


    Go to Saved View and re initiate the export. Try using the existing name of the export, it will automatically replace the previous export action with the new one.


    You can also try Tabular Single column or Tabular multiple column options for your export.


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