Card Configuration - Not able to check "Completed?" Box


Hello Community,


In both DEV and PROD models, I have a "Completed?" checkbox that will be able to lock a schedule. In DEV, I'm able to mark the checkbox but in PROD, the box is grayed out. I've checked the settings in the NUX page and they both have the exact same settings toggled.


Would anyone have any suggestions on how this could be fixed in PROD? Please see the attached screenshots. 


  • @wbroughton 


    Are you at the aggregated levels or child level in the page selectors? Can you check that?

  • @Misbah To be honest I'm not sure. How can I check that?

  • @wbroughton 

    On your dashboard go to top right hand section and see if you have dropdowns. Change the dropdowns to the lowest levels everywhere and see if that helps


    Miz Logix

  • @Misbah Okay got it. On the page selectors, I have the following 3 options: Off, Label and Selector. Now for all the page selectors, should I choose "Selector" for them all in DEV first? See attached screenshot for reference.

  • @wbroughton 

    Yes, please. You need to use Selector option and then publish the page. Once you publish then make the changes in first and second context selectors