Help with formula using IF THEN ELSE statement with Versions



I'm trying to create a formula where the End User Input will flow to both the Forecast and Budget Version of my model. The formula I'm trying to use is below. I can get the End User Input to show in my Forecast Version, but not my Budget Version. 



Thank you 


  • Hi @neg177 


    I see that End User Inputs module has time and version as dimensions. So every line item has two different values for the same time. One in Budget version and another in Forecast version. The target module also have the same dimensions. Hence when you are looking at Forecast version, the value is visible because User input is there in the source module corresponding to the Forecast version but that value isn't there corresponding to the Budget version (If I am correct). That's why the value is only visible in Forecast version and not in the Budget version.



    - Shubham