how can i know the line item reference in action buttons




Please let me know how can i find out the line item refence in action button,


Please let me know


  • Hi @143kishornaidu 


    You directly can't know whether this line item is referenced in an action button but you can see that after investigating the action button and then the source and target object of that action (If there are import actions in that button).

    • Check whether the button is a process or an action
    • If it is only one action, it is easy to investigate one action. Go to the model and study that action. You'll know the line items associated with this action.
    • If it is a process button, you'll have to study all the actions one by one to check the line items associated to different actions.

    Recommended:- Add notes to line items so it is easier to track.



    - Shubham

  • Thanks for the info.


    The same with the UX dashboard?


    if i want to check the line item published in the ux dashboard then i have to go to every dashboard right.?


  • Yeah.

    There is a column in module section in the right side. It indicates which module is being used in which dashboard but you can't check this information for an individual line item. 

    Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 11.09.05 AM.png

    You'll have to study the dashboards. 


    - Shubham