Level 3 Sprint 2 : Assign > 1?

'SYS06 Territory Account Details'.Count[SUM: Account Name] 


Can someone help me understand what am I missing here?



  • @jehular 

    Can you confirm the formatting of the line item used in the SUM as I suspect it is a text format. 


    Try pulling through the CODE of the list and use this in your SUM instead. 

  • will try doing that, it was a list formatted format

    Thank you 



  • @ChrisAHeathcote 

    I did try different approach on how to get assigned>1? 

    • Assigned>1?: Is the account assigned to more than one territory?
       I did use formula for assigned >1 - cf_Account > 1
      what did I do wrong it should checked on the assigned lineitem candyose but it did not 




  • Can you elaborate on how you got Assigned > 1? I tired this but nothing gets checked