Find an item in chart with 3 conditions




Road 1       France      Germany   Type A

Road 2        France     Germany   Type B 

Road 3       France       Italy           Type A 

Road 4       Italy          Germany    Type  A





I would like to know how to get back into a module the correct road. The road depends on three conditions as above.
For example, if I am told that the road is France Germany Type B, I would like the value to be Road 2.


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  • Misbah
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    There are multiple ways to go about it. Broader question is what is the problem statement like?


    For example Where do you want to find these Road types in? Are Countries and Types dimensions of the modules or just line items.

    1. You could create a SYS module which is dimensioned by Roads and all these columns as attributes. Here we are assuming that Road 1,2 ,3 etc. is a unique entry and will not come twice with different combinations/attributes. This might be tricky, based off of your requirements. - Not recommended

    2. Work with Tiers and Rages : You could create a 3 dimensional module (Country list, Fake country list(replica of country list), and Types. You can either create a list formatted line item which populates the intersections or boolean formatted line item. Then you can pull the values from this module with the help of LOOKUPs. - Recommended


    Hope that helps


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