Retain selection of "Module" tab in Pages View


The new modules tab in the NMX "Pages" group is a great 

add. I've been using it to search in an entire app for a specific set of modules. I believe this will be a common use for this feature, which leads me to a small ask:


The Issue: as a user clicks from one page to the next in the pages view, the selected tab reverts back to the "general" tab. A user wanting to look at the modules over many pages must continually reselect the modules tab i.e. select a page, click modules tab, select the next page, click modules tab again, select, click etc.  

The Ask: A more seamless builder workflow would be to retain the user's selection of whatever tab they have chosen as they move from page to page. So if they select the modules tab and move to another page, it should remain showing the modules tab for that page.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.47.08 PM.png

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