UX dashboard filter not defaulting to current user



In an attempt to reduce the size of a line item(used for dashboard filtering), we created a dummy list that contains a small subset of people. The subset of people has selective access enabled.


I then used FINDITEM to link the Users list to the subset. The linking worked successfully.


However I ran into an issue when I  tried to use the filter on dashboard filtering. The dashboard filter would not default to the subset end-user and thus not display any rows of data. As a test I changed the line item to Users and it defaulted to the end-user name. 


Does anyone have a work around where I can use my subset in a filter?  


  • @michael.chefer 


    Current User is the feature of the USERS dimension and not of any other list. When we filter along with Users dimension it expects you to use filter based off of Native users dimension. However I would still like to see how have you set up this entire functionality..


    Would you be able to share screenshot?



    Miz Logix

  • @Misbah 


    Why only Users dimensions have that ability to pick the default values to each users? what makes it different from other list?


  • Hi @michael.chefer 

    I have a way to mark the current user from the custom User list but the problem is that while applying a filter in other modules, there comes a dropdown where it shows "Current User" when the inbuilt User list is used. I wasn't able to replicate it using Custom User list.

    See how I marked the current user:- 

    • Create a module with Custom User List and Users.
    • Turn off "Show Users" option in the blueprint
    • Have one boolean line item "Current User" with formula:-  NAME(ITEM(Custom User List)) = NAME(ITEM(Users))


    • I created one filter module with Custom User List and the other list where User will select the boolean to filter out. I applied "Current User" boolean on the Custom User List so that other Users won't be able to interact with others' selection.


    • I tried applying the filter but it asks the list item instead of Current User. I tried to use lookup to receive the values of selected boolean but due to different dimension I wasn't able to do it.


    • @ManjunathKN and @Misbah should have a look at the image attached above. If they have any idea to write formula of "User" line item in Target module, it can work.




  • Also I found a similar problem in the community but I couldn't understand the solution. You can also check this post.


  • Hi @ShubhamCh 


    Although it looks like you are able to select the current user, in the background all the users are selected. It is displaying in such a way because you had put Show Users: off in blueprint. you can return a value for fake users list into another module, it return to all users. Default behavior of current user cannot be replicated.



  • Hi @ManjunathKN 


    Yes. It is correct that I have hidden the calculation and it is happening in the background but as it is hidden, I can't see other booleans which are true. I used Current User boolean to limit Fake User list's list items and it worked. I couldn't see the selection made by other users because I am the current user, I can't see other true booleans so I don't see others' data. It'll work in the same way when other users use the module. So I wanted to use this same calculation to populate only my name in the User dropdown by writing some formula which can be used in Lookup mapping that'll bring the selected boolean (filters). 

    The problem that I was facing is my name is in the column which is dimensioned over Users and Fake Users list, I want that cell's value in another module which is over Test List. There is a dimension mismatch. If you can help me bridge this gap between these two different modules, it can work.


    - Shubham