Level 3 Sprint 2 Assign action [Finalize Assigments button error]

Hi Good day, 
Invalid selection message 
Can anyone give me some hint?







  • @jehular 


    When you want to use ASSIGN make sure you click on the parent item first, here in this case G3T and then click on Assign.




    Miz Logix

  • @Misbah 

    I did click on the G3T but still invalid selection 



  • @Misbah or @jehular or @BrunoRodriguez - i want to Assign Account (Chocolatemm) from the UX. I click US Central because that is where i want to assign the account to, clicked on Assign Account button on UX on the.. I made sure i only checked Chocolatemm (as per screen shot). Clicked on Next and i get the view displayed on the second screen shot

    Is this normal? If i click Confirm, will this unassign all the other accounts which I do not want? I am confused as to what this list represents. I could create a Assign Only action but isnt the point to have an action that could assign and unassign? Please shed some light

  • Ideally you should be seeing just the accounts which you want to assign. Are these Unassigned accounts already assigned to anything, if yes then it may unassign them but if they are just orphans/unassigned then it doesn't matter - you can proceed.