Activity 8.8.2


Hi, I am unable to add the right data in Fy 21 and FY 20 in the REP 01 Country Margin Report Module. 


I have added the exact formula as well but it is showing the correct answer in only the FY 19 rest two years are incorrect.


I have check my other modules i.e., the referring module for this formula is also correct but the answer in this module is not coming right.


Please help!!




  • @Neha12 


    What is the unit price growth and unit cost growth in your model? It looks like there are no values in the source for these two lines.



    Miz Logix

  • Hi Misbah,
    Thank you for responding. I believe there was some browser issue so it wasn't reflecting the correct values.
    Now it is working and all the values of each year is correct.!!