Create Demand Export Module and Create a Saved View - DEM04



I am trying to do this activity:




Here is what I did for DEM04:



And this is my export view:




There are two problem comparing with the expected result

1. The SKU Code and Location Codes does not appear in my saved view.( I put all line items as column)

2.The Demand amounts are not correct, here is the expected view:


I changed the formula to: 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Supplied By] but the results remains same.


Could you help me for that?



  • @RoyaGolchay 

    As I can see your first saved view result was correct. And First formula what you referred from DEM03 thats correct only.


    Check the saved view for export. And put SKU and Location to page. And the result will come as above value.


    Hope you got it.



    Jagadish Dash

  • Thanks for reply but the correct demand amount for Nutzo bar_EN in Newyork is 758.


    And why sku and location code doesnt appear in my export view?

  • @RoyaGolchay 

    Look, For saved view you don't need to add the SKU code and Location code. Only demand line item will be there as i shared the pic.


    This screenshot what you shared is looking good.

    if still your answer is not matching with the result then you need to check the DEM03 demand which is you referred here.





  • There was an issue on the filter. All line items are shown now.

    but demand amount is not still correct.

    what should be the formula?

  • This is my DEM03 view




    and this is expected result:



  • thats ok. I have the same numbers as you. thanks. 

  • Demand formula will be : 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast

    Hope you got it. I seen your kudos as  answer worked for you, If it is can you accept answer as solution.




    Jagadish Dash





  • @jagadishdash 


    Are these right?


    2022-11-02 (7).png2022-11-02 (8).png

  • @RoyaGolchay 


    Hey , Am I in the right direction?

  • Ya, Thanks

    The first view was ok. I choose the expected one wrongly. I have the same amount as yours