Restrict Users who can Run Action


Hi, I want to restrict users who can run import Action.

There is Role function in Anaplan, and it can restrict users.


But I think the master management of Role function is too difficult,

because Role function has another Modules and Lists roles.

It is set None as default. So I should set modules and Lists Roles.


I want to control only Action Role.

Is there any way to do it? 

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  • Misbah
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    There are many ways to achieve this.


    1. Apply Read or None Access to Target module for that Role

    2. Do not give access to that action for that role

    3. Apply DCA to the target module and give read or no access to the users

    4. Anaplan was going to release new feature this month (hasn't been released yet) which allows you to disable action on NUX based on certain flag. If this can be restricted by users is yet to be seen. Nevertheless this is going to be a huge win for all of us.

    Hope that helps,


    Miz Logix

  • ryan_kohn

    There is defined platform functionality to do what you want, which is to assign action permissions to model roles.


    It sounds like you have a requirement like this: You have two groups of users that share the same role and same role permissions, but one group of users is allowed to run actions, and the second group is not allowed to run actions.


    The simplest way to meet this requirement is to have two roles. You mentioned that you find it difficult to ensure the two roles have the same permissions outside of actions. However, any other workaround will be much more cumbersome.


    Note that you can actually copy role permissions between roles. For example, for module permssions, you can navigate to the Roles -> Modules tab, select the column header for Role A, press Ctrl+C (or ⌘-C), and then select the column header for Role B, and press Ctrl+V (or ⌘-V).