Profile Function for Revenue Recognition


Hi everyone,


My company uses Anaplan for all budgeting and forecasting and we recently discovered an issues as this is only our second year. 


We have 2 metrics "Bookings" which are sales associated with contracted revenue, and "Installs" which are when the booking begins being recognized as revenue (as the product is implemented for the customer). We use percentages for Month 0 (the month of the booking) to Month 9 (9 months after the booking) to budget when things will install, pictured below:


The issue we are having is now that we are in our 2023 budget process, we changed these numbers and they are not time formatted, so our 2022 budget now shows incorrect numbers.


Does anyone have any potential solutions?


Thanks in advance!


  • @CamdenMaggos 


    You will have to add Year dimension to this module. And change the downstream/referenced formulae accordingly to reflect the correct year numbers.



    Miz Logix

  • Can you use the profile function with time formatted modules? I would need the bookings from december 22 to have the same waterfall as the others in 2022 that carries into 2023