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Is there a step by step guide on how to use the Add version formulas to line item subsets in module blueprint ?


I don't see any line item in the left box.






  • luke_e
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    I assume you mean applying version calculations to line items, vs line item subsets.


    In any case, depending on your use case, I'd say you're better off using a boolean line dimensioned by version to determine what calculation to run.


    E.g. IF List Attribute - Version.Version = Actual THEN X ELSE IF List Attribute - Version.Version = Forecast THEN Y


    Gives better auditability of your logic, is likely more maintainable and gives you the flexibility to group logic (e.g. if multiple versions use the same calculation, you can have a boolean that triggers the same calculation for all the like-versions). 


    The performance implication is probably less clear, but will depend on your usage.

  • Amaya
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    Hi, @tompatrick.ting 


    You might want to read this best practice.


    Line item subsets demystified - Anaplan Community


    I owe the article much.