L2 2.3.10 Wrong Value


Hi - I am at the L2 training segment 2.3.10. While my formulas are all correct (I think), I am somehow still seeing an unexpected value as an answer. Screenshots below on my formulas.


I'm not really sure what's wrong here. Any help?

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  • csharma
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    Thanks for your prompt reply. I actually figured out the issue - its with the round formula. The training only accepts a rounded up answer though it's not explicitly clear that we need to do so in the instructions.


    Leaving this here for record so it can help someone else stuck on the same issue. If your numbers aren't matching...check the rounding!


  • Hey @csharma ,

    Looks everything is perfect only.

    You are not matching the value what they shown because of you Account and P3 SKU page selector is Candy storemia and Raising the Bar EN.


    No worry, everything is perfect. just Select from the page selector as shown there Candyate and Nutzo BAr EN you'll get your value correct only. Check For ROUNDUP.


    Hope it helps.




    Jagadish Dash


  • @csharma 

    That's Great. 

    Happy learning.