Add a Dimension in Forecasting PlanIQ


I want to use PlanIQ to forecast the demand of different products over time. I've managed to do so on PlanIQ, but now I would like to be able to forecast the demand of different products, over different countries.

Every product exists in every country, and I would like to predict the demand. Therefore what I wanted to do was to add a dimension "Country" in the modules Historical Data, Related Data, and also in the Results Data. I tried it but then when I ran the PlanIQ Forecast Action, an error told me "P1: 0 Cell", I guess it is because PlanIQ doesn't support when modules have another dimension apart from the useful original ones... 

Would you see another option/solution to it? Thanks !! 



  • Hi Vanessa,

    As far as I know from when I was able to play around with PlanIQ you indeed cannot add a dimension to your set. So to solve this you would need to make a flat list with all the combinations and use that. But again, it's been a while since I used PlanIQ.

    Kind regards,