WARNING: App availability depends on referenced model existing

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Yesterday, I refreshed our Dev and Test models from Prod to start a new development cycle.  The Dev and Test models were actually brand new (only about a week old -- no in-model development, only App development) and didn't think I had any actual need to keep the previous versions since I was just looking to refresh data. 
I had been working on an App that pointed to the Dev and Test models that were deleted.  I wrongly assumed that I would be able to simply remap the app to the new versions of the models.  However, deleting of the model actually deleted the app.  Wow.  

A similar concept applies to archiving -- although this does not delete the App, it does hide it until the archived model is restored.  Only then can you point the app to a different model and re-archive.  

This concept needs WAY MORE ATTENTION.  I am hoping that Anaplan Support will be able to restore the workspace in question from 24 hours ago, as this would not harm anything and hopefully would restore the app.  I will update this post when I get more info... Wish me luck. 


Please see the following links for more information and upvote!!!  This really was a bad surprise that I didn't expect, based on the fact that an app can exist without any pages.  


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  • Stacey_Gibbens
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    Anaplan Support was able to help me restore the original models and the app.  Major kudos! 

    The window to restore a deleted model is 2 weeks, so if you end up needing this kind of assistance, do it QUICKLY.  😉


  • Misbah
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    So Sorry to hear about that. Yes, it is a pain and although I had already written an article about archival but never wrote anything about Deletion as that looked obvious - if archival of the model could do such things, deleting the model - all **** will break loose.

    Impact of Model Archival on UX Pages–and the Worka... - Anaplan Community


    Another issue that need attention is PUBLISH. When anything needs to  be published on UX, it is not environment specific, which it needs to be.



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  • Stacey_Gibbens
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    Yeah, I missed that article.  <sad> 


    Thanks for publishing it!!


  • luke_e
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    Looks like there's something in the 'Targeted for November' release notes that may finally address the 'disappearing app when model archived' dealio.



    Has been a pain point of ours for some time as well.

  • Stacey_Gibbens
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    Very cool, Luke! Thanks for sharing. 🙂