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edited January 2023 in Community feedback

As you've undoubtedly noticed, the new community user experience has launched!

The new site has organized content differently - as you explore the site and become more familiar with each "category" or "section" - we're hopeful the discoverability or "findability" of content is much easier, less cluttered, and provides you a more streamlined approach for interacting and asking questions.

You may notice old bookmarks that are no longer taking you to the expected page. If that's the case, please post a comment here with the URL and any details you can provide to us - we'll be watching this thread closely, and adding more to the table of contents as you let us know!

Here are a few quick suggestions before posting feedback here:

  1. Please utilize search - it's quite possible the content has simply been moved - although we have redirects in place, search is always a good place to start as some content has moved to our new support experience.
  2. If you were the author of the content you're trying to find, visit your profile and take a look at your "discussions" and activity to see if it's there.
  3. Learn more about the new community experience from this blog post.

Here are links to some popular topics for which you may be looking:

The following has moved to Highspot:

  • Model Concurrency Testing 
  • Partner Community 
  • CS Toolkit (Anaplan employees only) 
  • Professional Services Documentation (Anaplan employees only) 

 The following are currently not supported:

  • Job board
  • Available Talent group

Looking for something else? Leave a comment below and we'll help you find your way!