Inventory Ordering Module Formulas - Beginning Inventory issue

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I am getting the formula right - IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'NOT First Week of Timescale?' THEN PREVIOUS(Ending Inventory) ELSE 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory


However, I am not getting the desired results. I am getting IF and THEN part correct but i am not getting ELSE part correctly i.e., ELSE 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory. So Please guide what is the issue with this.





  • jagadishdash
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    As you written formula everything is looks fine.

    Check with your DAT01 module, there beginning inventory must be 13000 for Nutzo bar __ Newyork AND

    SYS01 module's not 1st week timescale? is it coming correctly the check box or not!


    If above everything is fine and still facing the issues let me know.



    Jagadish Dash

  • nikhilbharadia
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    Yes everything is correct, DAT01 is autopopulated by system itself. When I apply just 2nd part of the formula individually it takes the values properly of beginning inventory but it's not working with If then formula.