Allow a List Property or Attribute to be displayed in a Table next to the List Items


Description: When adding a table onto a dashboard with a list in the rows and time in the columns, I would like to have the option to publish list properties and/or attributes from the list's system module (i.e. any module which only has this list as a dimension) in the table next to the list items. A similar functionality is already available in the export view by adding list properties as labels.


Example: Table showing monthly sales by product. Each product can have a different unit measurement, e.g. single pack, 3-pack, 5-pack. This information is not to be added to the name and is available as a list property or as information in the product's system module. An option to publish this attribute as an additional column in the rows, to help end users.

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  • praebe
    edited November 2022

    I strongly support this request.


    I had the same request from many clients. Whereas the offered solution in a seperate grid wasn´t satisfying for all of them.

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