Write Access Driver to Parent Item

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Hi, I want to use breakback function and Write Access Driver.


We have Country List which has Region List as Parent.

And Users input to "Adjust Lineitem" and it set as breakback.

In this table, I want to users can write "Adjust" by Region List, and cannnot write  by Country List.



I want to set a Boolean Lineitem to Write Access Driver like this table.

But I couldn't. Do you have any idea?

Region CountryWrite

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  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @CommunityMember125605 


    According to your requirement, you want Users to input values in Region cell and apply breakback. You don't want  Users to input anything in the Countries' cells means read-only cells and that's the problem here. Even if you create a write access driver which lets you enter the value in Region cells, the country cells will be read only and the breakback won't work. 

    Breakback only works on writeable cells. 

    @ManjunathKN please have a look at the problem and confirm the above mentioned statement.



    - Shubham


  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @ShubhamCh 


    It will work if the write and read access are different on each levels. 


    for country, it should be true for read access and for region it should be true for write access. It can be achieved by hierarchy level filtering method as mentioned by @pyrypeura.