How I Built It: Dashboard Filter using Line Item Subset

Soumya Bhattacharya
edited February 12 in Blog

Hello Anaplanner Community! I’m excited to participate in this new Community ‘How I Built It’ video series with a tutorial on dashboard filtering using line item subset (LIS).

This video represents one of the functions of LIS, and how can we use the LIS to apply a filter on a dashboard. This filter helps to build a filter function that a client would want to have in the dashboard which will help them to toggle between volume and price information. 

The advantages are:

  1. It shows both volume and price on a single dashboard with minimum development. This way users can see more within one dashboard screen.
  2. It works well with concurrent users, so multiple users can be logged in and can have their own selection to see the data.
  3. It auto-refreshes the dashboard (grid and chart) without using the page refresh button. 

Check it out, and let me know if this is a technique you have used. Leave a comment!

Community Manager note: In our new “How I Built It” series, we showcase the incredible talent in the Anaplan ecosystem! From technical content that will help you navigate common challenges, to insights into creative solutions — these videos will offer a peek into how your peers do their jobs.  Check out additional How I Built It tutorials:

About the author: 

Soumya Bhattacharya is a Technology Consultant at an MNC, and a Certified Master Anaplanner. Soumya has around 5 years of experience using Anaplan and enjoys working across planning landscapes. He is currently focused on supply chain clients helping them by building different solutions to solve new and complex business use cases.