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In my data I have teammate roles, their names, the month that they were in that role, and the facility that they serve. In one module I have all this information listed out. I included a picture with the data I have. I didn't include the teammate names because that is sensitive data, but there is a column left of facility code called preferred full name which has that information. The month is also set as a page selector in this current view. In my other module, I have a line item called Group FA and I want to show which person is the GFA at the facility selected. This module also includes facility number and the month to link this information. I also included a picture of this module.


I'm trying to create a formula that shows the name of the person who is the GFA in that second module (called DAT01), but I can't figure out what to do. The formula I currently have is:


IF 'DAT02 Teammate Data Imports'.Job Function = "GFA"

THEN 'DAT02 Teammate Data Imports'.Preferred Full Name



Based on my understanding, this formula should look for when the job function is listed as GFA and return the name that matches for that facility and month, otherwise it should be blank. Unfortunately, this is not working, so I know I must be doing something wrong. It let's me enter this calculation, but all of the data is still blank for this line item. In the second picture I attached, I know that there is a person who is the GFA for September 2022 at that facility, but no one is listed in the line item. Can someone help guide me towards the correct way to do this?


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    You will have to share the screenshots of the

    Dimensions of module 2. 

    Dimensions of module 1 and Blueprint view of module 1. 



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    If the Job Function in DAT02 is a list formatted line item then you would need your formula to make reference to the list item that corresponds to "GFA" (i.e. Job Function.GFA).  Keep in mind that best practice is not to hard code these types of constants in your formula but rather to have a Systems module where you define the references dynamically.