Pricebook to flow down from Parent to Child

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The above are currently in the system where L4 is a list of distributors. I do not want to touch/amend since i am new to Anaplan and do not want to mess up anything.


I created a new list as below;



I have created a system module to link L3 distributor to L4 Customer in the earlier list.


After which, I have also created a target module with L3 Distributor & L0 SKU in applies to.
Brought the values from another source module for price line item.
formula in target module for price is source Module.price Line item[lookup: new system module. Distributor mapping].


Question: how can i flow down the same price line item to child e.g. whenever i create a new L1 account, it will auto map to that account under that distributor. 



  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @joky1980 


    - You need to write a formula in that mapping line item so that whenever a new list item is added, it automatically maps to where you want it to be. 

    You can either add something in the new list item name and then work it out to point to some specific distributor or you can add a list property (not best practice) and use this property for your mapping.


    - You can run an import action to fill that mapping line item