Pulling value from another line item in the same module

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I have an Emp List. An employee can have 2 records in the list (the 2nd one with an extension ABC OR). I need to pull the values of the 2nd record in another line item of the 1st record. Could you please suggest how to show the values in Red below? Thanks

 Is ABC OR?Projected salesABC OR Sales
John DoeY1000520
John Doe ABC OR 520 
Roger Federer 1200 
Rafael Nadal 1400 
Serena WilliamsY21001200
Serena Williams ABC OR  1200 
Maria Sharapova 2500 
Venus WilliamsY1400700
Venus Williams ABC OR 700 

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  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @yatin.ajbani 


    I have an idea to solve this problem,

    • Create one line item (call it 'Modified Name") which will concatenate the name and "ABC OR" and show that for every list item (Text formatted).
    • Create another line item (Found ABC OR ,Emp List formatted ) which which will use Finditem(Emp List, Modified Name). So it will show "John Doe ABC OR" in cell corresponding to "John Doe"
    • ABC OR Sales :- Use lookup > Projected Sales[Lookup:Found ABC OR] . It'll bring sales of John Does ABC OR in John Doe's ABC OR Sales 

    I hope it helps.