Formula help on finding a % of a Calculated LI

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I'm trying to create a formula where it will create a % based on taking my States List parent by each individual state. 

The formula I have so far is Total Collections / Total Collections[SELECT: State.North America] . I feel like this is correct but my percentages are not looking right. Please advise. 


want to take this amount 


and divide it by the total States List amount 



Thank you 




  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @neg177 

    The formula is incorrect because it is only referring to North America total, which becomes wrong when the parent is other than NA.

    Right approach would be

    • Total Collections/ Total Collections[Lookup:SYS Module.Parent]

    I assume you have one SYS module for your child states where you've defined parents. If that's not the case, add one line item - "Parent" (Parent List Formatted), formula - Parent(Item(your current child state list name)) 

    Use this line item as your lookup mapping.

    It'll calculate as you want it to.



  • neg177
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    I'm not quit sure if I'm doing what you said correctly. Can you please check? 

    The formula for the Total Collections % doesnt work. 




    Thank you 

  • andrewtye
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    Hi @neg177 

    Not sure if this is still hanging about but couple of things.

    1. Don't use "SELECT:" when referencing list items (unless this happens to be the very top-level of it), best practice is to have a look-up module and reference that as @ShubhamCh points out.

    2. The summary setting for this should be formula - now using lookup and formula clearly won't work so you'll need in intermediate line item that pulls back the relevant number using that parent line to look-up against (which btw should be in a property module - again best practice)

    Hope that helps!