Update Formula's Automatically


Hi All,


Is there anyway by which formula's can be directly imported in a module for a line item?


The blueprint view import option does allow to import a new line with a parent and a code from a file or any other module but is there anyway that the formula's also get updated automatically from another module or a csv file?


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  • ManjunathKN
    edited November 2022

    Hi @Sampriti.Anand,

    No, I dont think there is any options for that, blueprint import updates Line items, Although it is a structural change,  but need to sync the changes via revision tag. 

    Formula or addition of new line item is a structural change which does not depend on line items that are already present in module.


  • Hello

    Some planning tools allow you to import line item formulas from other modules or files through features like blueprint import or CSV imports. If direct import is not available, you might need to consider copy-paste or scripting using the tool's API to update formulas. Check the tool's documentation for available options. You can also contact to https://support.anaplan.com/Golang Course