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I've had a handful of requests to give end users an clickable external link where they can go to submit help desk tickets, contact their company support systems (things like JIRA, Sharepoint sites etc.). What I've found is Image cards only allow for linking other Anaplan App Pages, but not external links.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)



Please add the option to designate an external link that will open when a user clicks an image card. (E below)


Clickable Images.png


In searching for what can be done, I've come up with options A, B, C, & D above.  But if I'm being honest they all feel like unfortunate workarounds rather than the desired solution. As a guy trying to design the most professional an polished UX experience for each page, I find these options lacking, here's why: 


A & B - Grid cards: Can pivot, use conditional formatting; feels big and clunky for such a simple purpose, can't hide the card's backing


C & D - Field cards: Clean and minimal, but so subtle no one really notices it. Field cards do not support conditional formatting; field label does not support use of color, card title does but consumes a lot of vertical space (D), can't hide the card's backing




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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    We have had a similar ask, the workaround was using a field card but agree with @DavidE that this does not grab attention in the same manner that a clickable image would.

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