Sum values without activating the Sum in blueprint

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Is there a way i can get the total value in a list without activating the SUM in the line item blueprint?

I want to save the space so i want to use None in Summary but i need to get the total in another module where i don't have the list.



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  • pyrypeura
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    Hi @tompatrick.ting

    Other option would be use a dummy list as total. Please see example with screenshots below.

    As starting point you would have your values in source module


    Next you would create a list called total and populate that with item called 'total item'. Then in properties module of list you want to sum up you would add line item called total formatted as total list and formula pointing to total item of that total list



    As last point in target module you can have this total list as dimension and sum values using this line item from properties module.



  • jagadishdash
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    Hey @tompatrick.ting

    You can create another module with the parent List member as dimension and can refer from that module and it'll work as summery value.

    Hope it helps.


    Jagadish Dash

  • tompatrick.ting
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    Hi @jagadishdash ,

    Your suggestion to have a parent only member in another module means i will still need to set my source module summary to Sum ?