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I know this idea has been discussed but I don't find an Idea in Idea exchange that exactly corresponds. I have had some customers request a new technical user access that is a "View-Only Workspace Admin": users that can have the ability to view everything in the model settings (the models, lists, line items), but not the access to build the models. Currently, to view the model settings you must have edit rights.

  • In follow up comments, please respect the intent of this post is a technical access discussion only. Customer request is to set users with access rights to view lists, modules, saved views and line items, but not maintain them. The intent is to have people who are not trained as model builders, should not have access to accidentally corrupt models, but should be able to review them to help ensure the models adhere to design best practices and identify areas to clean out while the experienced model builders enhance the models.
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  • KristofferHalle
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    Users who need to view the model settings, can do this only with a workspace admin assignment, which also gives the right to change all model settings.

    Segregation-of-duties are to be supported, so we are not forced to assign builder rights to users without the capabilities nor mandate. Anaplan should develop into an enterprise solution, where you can limit the number of users, who are able to change the setup, while allowing transparency for the broader user group who just need model insight.

    Application supporters, process consultants, architects etc. requires exact insight on structures in case of analyzing data incidents or new designs are to be developed. These view-admins need access to display model lists, modules, actions, access rights and the other model settings.

    Suggested solution: Users who have the role “Full access” should preferably also have full access to display model settings. The access could alternatively also be dependent of coupling with an admin assignment in the tenant administration. This access could also be based on a new dedicated role/user tick mark.

  • M.Kierepka
    edited December 2022

    As much as I support this, I think Anaplan won't implement this, as the Idea is almost exactly the same as here: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Idea-Exchange/Create-a-new-profile-quot-Viewer-quot-Workspace-Admin/idi-p/38946
    And the status is "Not Planned" (so they are not considering it even for the future roadmap)...

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