Setting Planning year based on date

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I have system module for time settings, and based on Today's date line item I'm trying to set Planning year which is current year + 1, when I'm selecting date between jan to dec 2022 it is showing me plan year as FY23 which is correct, but when I'm selecting date from JAN 2023 to Dec 2023 "Planning year" line item is becoming blank.

Today's date is date formatted and Planning year is year formatted line item.



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  • StevenBeerthuizen
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    Your planning year is one year ahead, right....your current year is 2023 and you have no future years. So date 11/1/2023 -> Period(date) +1 = FY24....which is not in your model range. You should add future years if you want your formula to work:


    PERIOD - Anaplan Technical Documentation


    • Source must be date formatted.
    • Result must be time period formatted.
    • Result must fall within the time bounds of the model.