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Hello everyone,


Want to use the Anaplan Optimizer across time, and have found out that I can not use a line item running on the native time scale in Anaplan. Hence I am on the quest to create a list of the months and have been following this recipe:


I think the instructions are very clear - but either something has changed in Anaplan, since the instructions were made which requires an adjustment to the instructions, or I am missing something...


Enclosed picture of all my settings - thank you in advance )

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  • pyrypeura
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    Sorry I missed the fact that you had the display name property correctly but now I noticed that you are missing current period in time settings. Your calculation is using currenperiodstart() which returns blank when you don't have current period in time settings. Could you try setting current period for your model?




  • pyrypeura
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    Hi @SirValdemar ,


    Have you selected the Display Name property for Months list in the general lists view? 


    Best regards,


  • SirValdemar
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    Hey @pyrypeura 

    Thank you for your suggestion, my image is a bit messy as I mixed in all the snips of the setup, but it is chosen there correctly I believe on the far right.

    Does the video/instructions from the link work on your end in your system if you follow them to the teeth? 

  • Ahh yes, brilliant! Completely missed that - cheers Pyry