Dynamically show list items in drop down based on a condition

edited December 2022 in Modeling

Hi Team,


Please refer the image below.

Screenshot 2022-12-13 204159.png









The above image shows two grids on the page. Both have same list dimension. 

I need to build a logic that dynamically changes the items in drop down in the right grid's line item(list formatted called 'Stage') based in the status shown in the left grid item(list formatted called 'D-status'). 

For example - 

Left Grid Status                       Right Grid Drop down Value

D1 to D3                                  should show A, E, O in drop down

D4 and D5                               should show only A in drop down             


Note- The drop down items are members of a pick list. Also both these lists are standalone and not related to each other

Any Suggestions..