Anaplan Optimizer across time v2

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Dear Community,


I want to use the Anaplan Optimizer to optimize planning/capacity utilization across our supply chain. Got inspired by this link which shows that the Optimizer can in fact take time into account:

My challenge is that I have a model that runs on the native time scales.. So what I am hoping is possible is that can do something of this sort:

1. Create a "Fake Time" list as suggested in the link above, which will be used for inputs/variables & constraints

2. Transfer these inputs into a module which runs on the native time scale

3. Let the entire model work on modules which run on the native time scale

4. Take the final results of the entire model and convert them to the "Fake Time" list and use that as the objective.


Does anyone know if this is possible? To kind mix the two, without having to use fake time throughout the entire model? Hope my question makes sense.

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  • anikdas
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    Hi @SirValdemar 

    To use time as a dimension in optimizer, all inputs, variables, constraints and objectives need to be on fake time dimension. I am guessing that you want to use modules in between the variables and objectives (by normal time dimension). However, objectives need to be tied directly to the variables/ inputs and can not have intermediate calculations. This is because - we need to pass on the complete logic to optimizer in order for it to arrive at the mathematical equations and solve for the same. Once the optimizer action is triggered - data and logic gets passed on to optimizer engine, optimizer solves the same and returns the result. During the run, it does not evaluate nor talk to the model/ gets data from other modules. You can think optimizer as an action which will block anything else happening in the model. Hope this clarifies and help in your approach.