Filer Q and Year, to Calculate line items

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Hi All,

My issue is that I'm using a graph to show the P&L, but my 3-year trendline is spiking, when set to Q and Years.

So I have P&L line items calculations and they are connected to different module views, so I created time filters modules to calculate the Periodic, Yearly, and Quarters.

So, if I change in the line items the summary mode to calculate yearly and quarterly values to formula, average it affects my other grids.

So is there a way I can set the quarterly view with this characteristic, the time calendar is set to 3-3-3-4

In my time module I have set a time diff line item so it can take the periods through a 3-year trend, the problem is that when I calculate Q or years the calculated number is too big because is taking for Q4 - 4 periods


So is there a way I can alter through the filters the way it calculates my data.




  • anikdas
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    Hi @Diepcc 

    Can you please provide an example of the calculation that you are trying to do in monthly levels and then what is expected in quarterly/ yearly numbers?

  • Hi @anikdas 

    For example here I have the organic growth calculation.


    As you can see my model is set to be 3-3-3-4, which is why Q4 is always bigger than next year Q1.

    So my graph gets this spikes when getting to Q4


    So what I'm asking for help is if there is a way to solve this, without changing all my P&L lines to, formula-average, since this impacts my periodic figures 

    Thanks for taking the time