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hi Team,


I have text lineItem (Role change from ASN) and second linitem (Role ID for ASN Role) applies to subset, I have a boolen value (Bu role?) that need to be true if text value is present in subset. adding my three fields below. formula written not working as expected. 


Any help appreciated.









  • M.Kierepka
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    Hi @Jerin_KJ,

    Not sure what exactly you want to achieve, but if you just want to have a boolean to check if item is in the subset, you just need boolean line item (let's say it will be named X) with applies to as subset and formula "TRUE" . Sometimes (filter or formula) you want to have it dimensioned as your full Role list, then just add a new boolean line item dimensioned by your full Role list and in formula just reference your line item X.

    If you want to check if some text is in the subset, you need to use FINDITEM() formula (

  • Jerin_KJ
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    Hi Kierepka,


    Thanks for the reply. My  goal is to check text field is present in subset. Based on it need to show Boolean TRUE and False.




  • Then use FINDITEM() formula.