Retrieving last non zero value for daily exchange rates

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I have a daily exchange rate module which store the daily rates for multiple currencies. I wanted to get the last non-zero value for each date for example we have daily exchange rates for 1 Jan 2021 but none for 2nd and 3rd of Jan 2021, so the daily exchange rates for 3 Jan 2021 should display the rates of 1 Jan 2021 since the last non-zero value for daily exchange rates is available at 1 Jan 2021.




Is there any workaround or solution for this requirement?

Any help is highly appreciated

Thank you!

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  • nikmg
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    HI @NicholasValentinus ,


    In your "Last Non Zero" line item you can write this formula to achieve this result.

    IF Daily Rates <> 0 THEN Daily Rates ELSE PREVIOUS(Last Non Zero)









  • This would be extremely useful. yet the screen copy you made is not readable (too small) so i can't the formula and last non zero is not recognized. Could you provide the formula please