Combining the count of two list items.

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Hi All,


So we have a list say Project phase with three list items in it:


Project phase>


- Design

- Implementation

- Done 


This is how page selector in dashboard looks like and the data tables also represent the values when we based on the list item we have selected.


But now the business has requested to combine two list items and the list should look something like the below one:


Project Phase:

- Design + Implementation

- Done


This is affecting the data tables and not able to combine the phase.


Can someone guide how to combine the result (basically the count of Projects under both the design and Implementation together)


Thank you,

harshitha N.




    Here is an option on top of my mind you can maybe consider:

    Introduce another level to your list to act as a parent as shown below.




    This would enable you to view your aggregates at the L1 level [i.e. design+implementation]. And since L2 level is intact with the original list members/codes, the data mappings are not disturbed. 

    You can now use this L1 List for all your planning activities or use it as context selectors in your pages.


    Curious to hear other schools of thought on a more efficient solution.