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I'm working on a cycle that will end when the end date is specified. I'd like to send the email 10 days before the deadline. Also necessary to display an alert on pages in order to check the end date and next cycle data. Is there a way to do this in Anaplan?


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  • Email Reminders


    What you are looking to do is not natively available in the Anaplan platform today. There are two similar open Ideas around this topic that I'd recommend you kudo and subscribe to:


    There is also workflow functionality on the platform roadmap, with a plan to include reminder emails.


    In the meantime, if you have programming capabilities in-house, it may be possible to script a solution that meets your need. You can see this article for an example of combining Anaplan Connect with an email script.


    The basic flow of your script would be:

    1. Build logic into your model that compares the current date with the cycle end date, and determines if a reminder needs to be sent.
    2. Use Anaplan Connect to push the current date into the model.
    3. Use Anaplan Connect to pull the Boolean flag that determines if an email needs to be sent.
    4. [Optional] Use Anaplan Connect to pull the list of users that the email should be sent to.
    5. Iterate through the list of users that need to receive the email, and send the email via an emailing library.


    You would run this script on a daily schedule.


    Page Alerts


    Similarly to above, you can schedule a script that pushes the current date into the model daily. Then, you build logic into your model to determine if an alert needs to be displayed on a page. Then you can use something like an image card and/or conditional formatting to display a noticeable alert message on the top of the relevant pages.