Email notifications : Sending Email Actions without using mailbox

Email notifications : Sending Email Actions without using mailbox

Request from Amgen Europe : Anaplan is currently not able to send email notifications based on a pre-set condition. e.g.  whenever a price is submitted below a certain threshold. The idea would to have an action that sends email based on a threshold but without having to use your own mailbox

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Hello, we have a similar need in our company. For example: when a user finishes data setup in the Anaplan tool (e.g. Business Unit Manager finishes the Sales Targets setup for his team of Sales Representatives), another user needs to go to the Anaplan tool and approve the targets. Right now when  Business Unit Manager finishes the targets, he/she needs to let the second user know offline (from his own mailbox) that the targets are ready. However, the ideal situation would be if Anaplan tool could send a notification automatically once Business Unit Manager checks the checkbox marking the targets as Ready.


Thanky you!

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My requirement is also the same.
looking forward to get an answer

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@Hana_Simkova This type of workflow support will already be covered with the new workflow capabilities. 

As the data prep user knows, when the work is done, you might want to use Anaplan's Mail function to make such a notification more convenient.