Improved Spacing, Formatting and General Aesthetic of UX


It would be good to have higher flexibility on several more key items when building out UX Pages.

This is something that we take for granted when using Excel/Powerpoint, they are very flexible tools that can be used to create streamlined dashboards.


Examples I have which could be improved - 

  • Ability to colour a individual card (background) - Currently it is white or grey
  • Ability to colour individual headings in published grids - Currently only conditional formatting is available on values rather than individual line/list items
  • Ability to change text alignment - Currently in a published grid where there are text and number line items, values from text line items start from the left, values from number line items start from the right
  • Ability to remove the white box at the top/to the left of grids - Currently if there isn't a dimension in rows/columns the white box is still shown (and when it's in columns it takes up considerable white space)
  • Ability to group items/sections of pages/boards - This is great functionality in Excel that enables a user to pop-out relevant information and hide it to draw the eye to what the user is looking at. Options I see here are popping out based on list levels within grids or based on cards within a page that the page builder has "grouped"


The broad aim of these recommendations is to improve the look/feel of the UX and showcase what Anaplan can do. People have often asked for relatively basic aesthetic changes to dashboards which make complete sense but as model builders it can be hard to explain why they aren't possible.

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