Azure Blob Integration with Anaplan through Cloud works


Hi @JaredDolich,

I am trying to import a file from the Azure blob to the cloud works. As a part of the azure blob setup, we are mentioning the IP address defined for the cloud works, but my IP address from where i am accessing is changing frequently [i.e Us1a to Us2a and also sometimes eu1a and eu2a]

Link for setup: Set your Azure account - Anaplan Technical Documentation

But in the IP address, I can use only one IP address where the server will allow connecting to the Azure blob system. So I believe I need to mention the static IP into the system. What would be that static IP address I need to enter into the system as mentioned in the above link.

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  • @ryan_kohn

    In the SAS token generation, I am getting an option to enter one IP address or range as the range seems to be too divergent, we are not able to enter the range in the fashion mentioned in the above IP ranges link.

    So any idea which IP address should be used? If need to enter what should I mention in the Allowed IP addresses section?

    Appreciate your response

  • @ryan_kohn ,

    From the customer requirements side, it is a requirement to restrict IP addresses. But with the approach in the above link, the connection is also failing.

    I think either this should not be mentioned at all or If needed can you please help on the process