Processes for Forms - Proposal with Picture!


The Form is a great tool to enhance the user experience of creating list members and assigning properties to them in NUX dashboards, but the current functionality of the Form often leaves the model builder no choice but to include an additional button on the page for the user to click after submitting the Form, diminishing the user experience.

This second button that the user must click typically contains the Actions in a Process that will assign the newly created list member to the correct subsets, create alternate hierarchy list members that correspond to the created list member, assign the list member a standard code, or complete other similar tasks necessary to initialize the newly created list member. These Actions would be included in the Process used to import the data from a file, so it would also make sense that they would be included in the Form being used to create list members directly within the list.

My proposal is to include a drop down menu of the Processes included in the Model (where the default is no attached Process) on the Form settings and where a model builder can assign a Process that will be carried out immediately following the Form submission. If a Process is selected from the drop down menu, then the button 'Submit' on the bottom right-hand side of the form now displays 'Submit and Run Process'. After completing the Form and clicking the button, the Process will run like normal just as if the user had run a Process from a button displayed regularly on the Page.

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